[ bean to cup magic ] 

amidst all the coffee chaff from the probat roaster, beautiful ground coffee smells from the la marzocco strada, and the hustle and bustle of cafe life at Bean There Coffee Company in Johannesburg, there’s a small bit of magic happening; a coffee tree is slowly growing… 

there’s honestly something truly special and magical watching a coffee tree grow, from the moment white blossoms spring and smell like jasmine, to their cherry development and colour change. magic is everywhere across our coffee chain, we just need to look hard enough to see it… 


moody yet magical monday..

it’s currently pouring with rain, one thing I seem to love/hate about summertime in Joburg… Today’s rain fits Monday perfectly. I always seem to get excited that it’s the start to a new week, it means new possibilities and exciting times ahead, but today not so much. I’m not quite sure we’re there yet, exploring my emotional side with you all, but in some ways I’ve needed to resort to writing on this gloomy Monday, I guess also since this blog is in part about me sharing myself with you here it goes…

Today was rough in more ways than one. It’s never nice waking up to bad news and I guess waking up to bad news on a Monday could even be worse right? The way it sets you back for the week; making Monday feel like forever and Friday feel so far away. Monday traffic is the worst, it’s like somehow people forget how to drive on the weekend!

Despite all of this a few things made Monday magical: coffee and friends and comfort zones. Coffee for one; because no matter what kind of day you’re having, no matter the weather or the mood you’re in, your cup of coffee just understands! The first sip (whether you burn your tongue or leave your cup to cool for too long), always just somehow replenishes something that’s been missing. It hits that spot, that void and just fills Monday with a little bit of magic. Todays cup of coffee sponsored by one of my favorite baristas – Simphiwe – was made with a great big smile, a few chuckles and an amazing single shot of coffee from the DR Congo. My second dose of magic came from people who are able to make me laugh daily, who I share multiple cups of coffee with and no matter what day of the week, are able to truly make magic happen. Friends are the best people to share a cup of coffee with, multiple cups of coffee with in fact! Today was no difference. I cherish the easiness I have being able to talk and share things with friends when we drink coffee together, specially my dear friend Cuth. We share many cups of coffee together, chat endlessly and laugh a lot. Cuth your wisdom and coffee knowledge and eagerness to always listen to my long long stories (today specifically) was (and always is) totally appreciated. What is it that this cup of coffee plays in friendship circles? Maybe that’s another post for another day… My comfort zones on a moody Monday like today involved the gym and my second home – Bean There Coffee at 44 Stanley – That magic moment you walk into gym, turn up your music and let your workout just fix your mood is the greatest and a definite Monday fix! After a good gym workout I resorted to my happy place; where I feel entirely at ease, calm and collected and utterly at home at Bean There – it is where I spend most days in fact. Like any other Monday being greeted by the baristas, the familiarity of the roastery, the green couch, pink and white marshmallow jar and of course the amazing aroma from the Probat roaster made me feel completely comforted. Today was an all encompassing comfort day.

Today on moody Monday I cherished a cup of coffee more than any other Monday.