in my cup 

Over the last few years I’ve learnt to really appreciate single origin coffee. 

The term ‘single origin’ describes the specific place where coffee comes from. It refers to the specific coffee producing region where the coffee cherries are processed, at a specific coffee washing station in a specific region or place along the ‘bean belt’, a term used to describe the areas around the world in which coffee is grown and produced. By knowing a coffee is ‘single origin’ we as coffee drinkers are able to distinguish that it is not blended with other coffees. It also has certain characteristics and flavours akin to the region of processing and country of origin. 

Single origin, also referred to as one of the best ways to taste a country’s coffee flavour profile. 

This morning I am drinking a coffee produced in Ethiopia from the Sidamo region from the Fero Coffee Cooperative. There are hints of sweet citrus flavours and a smooth rounded body. 

What’s in your cup today?